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A unique festival that will capture your imagination from the morning of August 14th until dawn. wooden candlesticks…

Thàmus cultural network

An itinerary aimed to discover the monuments and places of the culture of Sassari. The name Thàmus comes from the union between the ancient name of the city, Thatari, and the word "museum", enclosing in six letters the identity, culture and history of Sassari.The symbol of the Thàmus cultural network…

The market of Sassari

Located between Viale Umberto, Piazza Mercato and Via Mercato, the new civic market of Sassari plans to promote…

Pinacoteca Nazionale di Sassari: The Art Gallery of Sassari

Walking along the ancient Platha de Cotinas or Ruga de Cotinas, the current Corso Vittorio Emanuele, it is possible to take a narrow street named Santa Caterina that leads the visitor to the square of the same name, the theater of the late Renaissance church, built by the Jesuit Order…

Piazza d'Italia

Palazzo della Provincia is the headquarters of the Prefettura, the Government territorial office established soon after the unification of Italy. Designed by Eugenio Sironi and Giovanni Borgnini, it was built in the Neoclassical style between 1872 and 1880. Worthy of note is the Council Room (Sala Consiliare) decorated with an…


A theater deeply rooted in history: until 1826, the City Palace stood in its place overlooking the ancient Platha de Cothinas, now the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. Then the architect Giuseppe Cominotti was commissioned to build a new structure in the neoclassical style.


Sassari is a beautiful and regal city. It's a place you do not expect to find, with a thousand extraordinary surprises. As soon as you begin to walk in the city center you discover one of the most beautiful corners of Sardinia. You will fall in love with its history,…

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