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An abandoned mining village and a bay with a silver reflections on the water. Argentiera is one of the most adventurous places that Sassari can offer; full of charm and nature. Here miners once extracted lead, silver and zinc.

The village began its mining activities in the late nineteenth century and closed in 1962, and lovers of industrial archeology will admire this unique place that is part of the Sardinian Geo-mining Park, recognized by UNESCO.   All this is set in an incredibly scenic area filled with Mediterranean nature and two large beaches with clear and transparent waters. The impact when you arrive is impressive: one of those places you see that will remain in the heart forever. The little village built in 1940 was complete, from the typical houses to the Cinema, from the washery of pitch-pinewood to the Church, built on the highest point of the area to overlook the settlement. Everything here reminds you that once this place was a microcosm where miners worked and lived.  And it is if the souls of the miners continue to protect this place every day, looking out over the sea, admiring its extraordinary beauty.

Getting there

Argentiera can be reached in about 45 minutes, starting from Sassari, using the SS291var and Provincial Road 18 / SP18.: Arriving from Porto Torres its about 39 minutes through the SP42 and Provincial Road 18 / SP18


The beaches: the shallow waters are suitable for children to play in while the waters of the cove are ideal for diving enthusiasts: It has a large parking area and food court (in summer) and is easily accessible by the disabled.

Site of the Park of Geo

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