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Forests: corners of peace near Sassari

Goceano, San Francesco path. Saba Alessio Credits: AGENZIA REGIONALE FORESTAS, Goceano, San Francesco path. Saba Alessio Credits: AGENZIA REGIONALE FORESTAS,


In addition to its 19th-century living room, Sassari offers an incredible variety of activities to do, whether it be a walk to Platamona or the pond, a visit to the Argentiera village or Lake Baratz, the only natural reservoir in Sardinia.

However, between autumn and winter, woods and forests reign among the weekend destinations, a space of freedom that we love to experience and share, the perfect place to relax and be in touch with nature.

If you would like to change your destination from the fascinating old town or the renowned beaches of northern Sardinia, you have an excellent alternative: green oases, rich in history and unique natural monuments, which you can reach comfortably from Sassari.

We advise you to visit them in every season, in order to fully appreciate them!


The birth of State Forests

Once upon a time, forests were common property: areas exploited by the local inhabitants for wood and grazing, for the exclusive use of lords for hunting in feudal times. Over time these wooded areas became part of countless private properties and only later did they acquire real environmental value, becoming part of the public domain under the Savoy crown at the end of the 19th century.

Today, the forests are considered a public good because of their incredible biodiversity. This means they are open and can be visited by following the marked paths: just follow the signposts and information panels in the forestry barracks.


The State Forests you can reach from Sassari

If you are wondering which destination to set on your navigator, you will be spoilt for choice, because in the Sassari area there are six state forests that you can explore far and wide all year round.


The Porto Conte Complex can be reached in just half an hour by car and offers countless breathtaking views among the cliffs of the coast, such as at Punta Giglio, the Grotta dei Vasi Rotti (Cave of Broken Vases) and the view of the Isola di Foradada or the Isola Piana.

The state-owned complex also extends further into the hinterland, including the areas of Monte Doglia and Baratz: all these areas are marked by numerous paths for those who enjoy trekking, mountain biking or trail running!

Forest presidium contacts

079 949060 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Less than an hour from Sassari we have the Monte Lerno Forest, near which there is an artificial lake of the same name and the small town of Pattada.

Although a few fires have damaged the vegetation in the surrounding, a large area rich in holm oaks has been well preserved at ‘Sos Littos’ and an excellent cork oak grove can be found at ‘Trataxis’; locally, a great deal of effort has been put into the reforestation and repopulation of the mountain's fauna, and the landscape has blossomed once again.

One thing that perhaps not everyone knows is that Monte Lerno has been hosting the Rally Italia Sardegna since 2004 and is reputed to be one of the most exciting routes in the race, due to its numerous bends and jumps.

Responsible for the forest presidium

Alessandro Spina - 079 755835 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Forest'Anela is located near the municipalities of Anela, Bultei and Bono, about an hour's drive from Sassari. These woods are rich in holm oaks, trees that we typically find in the ancient parts of the Sardinian forests, and there are also numerous hollies and downy oaks on this plateau. In the reforested areas there are also chestnut, beech, fir and black pine trees that recreate an Apennine environment.

The area is ideal for enjoying a long, easy walk and a picnic surrounded by nature.

Responsible for the forest presidium

Tonino Flore - 079 795596 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The forest of Monte Pisanu is one of the most interesting areas to visit, located near Bono and Bottida, about an hour from Sassari.

Also here there are numerous holm oaks and cork oaks, in the locality of ‘Pedra Ruja’ there is a monumental cork oak forest that you cannot miss; but it is the prevalence of oak trees that gives the autumn landscape the unique foliage that we love to capture in our pictures.

Last but not least, it is on the south side of this area that you will find the thousand-year-old yews of 'Sos Nibberos', declared a Natural Monument in 1994!

The Monte Pisanu area is equipped with picnic points and numerous footpaths that will allow you to move easily through the different areas and enjoy a great trek.

Forest presidium contacts

079 790240 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Forest of Sa Matta is located near Bultei and, like Forest'Anela and Monte Pisanu, is part of the forest complex of Monte Acuto. The environment is very similar to that of the other two forests, characterised by ilex groves, while cork oaks mark the state border. The forest is located in the itinerary of the Vette del Goceano (Goceano Peaks), a fairly simple 12km trekking route, from which you can admire the mountain chain of the Nuoro area, the Tirso valleys and the agricultural areas.


The Fiorentini’s Forest is one of the oldest state forests in Sardinia near Bultei, an hour's drive from Sassari. ‘Sa Fraigada’ and ‘Su Tassu’, with their spectacular century-old chestnut trees and the tallest larch pines in Sardinia, reaching up to 40 metres, are among the most popular area of this forest. There are also Monte Unturzu, ‘Su Labiolaiu’ and ‘Sa Pruna’, where you can admire the remains of a Giants' Tomb, are also included in the state property.

All the areas are easily accessible on foot, following the paths that start from the Fiorentini forestry barracks. There are also numerous picnic areas and services, especially in summer.

Responsible f or the forest presidium

(Giovanni Cula - 079 791122 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Whether you are a more or less experienced hiker, an athlete or just a nature lover, we are sure that a day surrounded by these trees will be a pleasure for your senses.


 A must-see attraction near Sassari, all you have to do is choose the day of your next outing!

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